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 Hi, My name is  CHUM LAYOU, I'm very happy of the result after finish my ortho treatment.
The Clinic and the Doctors!!  is a great doctor who listens to the patient and takes care of me with great attention. The price is marketable but services and quality is very good. 


 Before Treatment   
មុននឹងអ្នកសម្រេចចិត្តដោះឧបករណ៍ពត់ធ្មេញត្រូវពិនិត្យមើលទម្រង់ងាំធ្មេញ និង ចំណុចកណ្តាលនៃធ្មេញមុខ តើបានដូចរូបភាពខាងក្រោមទេ?
    ទម្រង់ធ្មេញមុខត្រូវតែចំកណ្តាល (Mid line) នៃខ្ទង់ច្រមុះ ដើមបន្ថែមថាមពលសម្រស់នៅពេលដែលអ្នកញញឹម

 ទម្រង់ងាំធ្មេញថ្គាមទាំងសងខាងត្រូវត្រង់ និងត្រឹមត្រូវតាមងាំនៃមុខងារទំពារអារហារ 
How Does Orthodontic Treatment Work?

Many different types of appliances, both fixed and removable, can be used to help move teeth, retrain muscles and affect the growth of the jaws. These appliances work by placing gentle pressure on the teeth and jaws. Our orthodontists will prepare a treatment plan tailored to your individual case to determine which orthodontic approach is likely to be the most effective.

 Legual Orthodontic 

The word “lingual” means tongue. Lingual braces(also known as invisible braces) are attached to the inside surfaces of the teeth that face the tongue. There they are practically invisible from the outside, even up-close
This case is our clinical result. Only 4.5 months to completed.