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INNO® Dental Implants

Developed in South Korea, the INNO® dental implant system has been a leading choice for patients and dentists for over 25 years. Often copied but never equaled, INNO® features a number of revolutionary concepts.

The key advantages of the INNO® implants are:


Brilliant: Stable, long-term esthetics, a well-engineered system, made in SOUTH KOREA, available worldwide, often imitated but never equaled – this is INNO®. Manufactured of purely neutral titanium, INNO® is easily accepted by the human body and thus the chances of rejection are minimized. ® implants are secured in sterile glass tubes and are opened just before the implant procedure begins.

  Tissue Stability  

INNO® is TissueCare! And soft tissues just love INNO®: the geometry in the implant region leaves plenty of room for ample, healthy gum tissue – the progressive thread design contributes to retention of the bone and the bone apposition right up to the abutment keeps the soft tissues permanently healthy.
 The implant that does not “stink”: Micro-gaps between the implant and the abutment result in unhealthy bacterial colonization and hence lead to an inflammation reaction in the tissues. INNO® stays tight! ensuring no gaps between the implant and bone and gum tissue.
No Micromovement
 Every micromovement between the implant and the crown abutment irritates the adjacent bone and may lead to bone resorption in the region of the implant shoulder. Thanks to the friction-locked and keyed INNO® TissueCare Connection, a virtually single-piece implant is formed that provides for stable tissues right from the outset.
 INNO® always fits: Its patented tapered connection and micro-rough surface ensure no movement and promote bone and gum tissue stability . And, thanks to the identical tapered connection for every implant diameter, every prosthetic abutment fits every implant. Simply brilliant, brilliantly simple!